Our Mission is to…

Enrich the life of a child by promoting self worth, increasing independence, and overcoming a disability allowing the child to achieve their fullest potential.

our clinicThrough Summit Pediatric Therapy, Corp we as a team strive to demonstrate exceptional skills in assessments and clinical reasoning, planning and implementing treatment plans in both areas: outpatient or the school based setting.

Our therapists are exemplary in outpatient and school based therapy by demonstrating their ability to be a self-starter, to accept responsibilities, to develop strong collaboration with other disciplines as well as with individuals and family members.

Here at Summit Pediatric Therapy, Corp our therapists have engaged in their own professional growth and developments by actively pursuing continuing education courses and specialties.

We at SPT, Corp will work towards establishing treatment plans that are geared towards each child in meeting their goals to build the confidence and self worth that they need to reach a level of independence allowing them to function to the best of their ability.

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